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What's next for us?

You may have noticed that we recently started accepting donations and we wanted to inform you all some of the reasons for this new change. 


1) Publication. Many of you reached out to us inquiring if Young, Proud and Sung-jee will be available in print and we heard you! Our team is currently in conversations to make this happen, but the reality is that our team has very limited funding given that publication efforts  require additional financial resources.

2) Sustainability. We are in awe of the continuous support from the entire community for this project. Our small (but mighty!) team is doing the best we can as this project started as a completely voluntary effort. However, we can only do so much given our current full-time jobs as therapists, social workers, soon to be mothers, current moms, and educators! Additional funding can help with continuous internal operations, appreciation gifts, and more!

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We are accepting donations via PayPal and Venmo with a suggested donation of $10 for a click download, however any and all donations are greatly appreciated!! We could truly not do any of this work without you! 

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