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Young, Proud, and Sung-jee: A Children's Book on Fighting Anti-Asian Racism During COVID-19

August 20, 2020

Welcome and thanks for visiting our site! The purpose of this book is to provide a resource to help generate meaningful discussions between adults and children about anti-Asian racism. An incident involving anti-Asian racism is directly introduced in the story of this book. The book is available now free to download! 

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Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (Japanese)
Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (Mandarin)
Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (English)
Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (Spanish)
Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (Korean)
Young, Proud, and Sung-jee (English)

Digital copies of available translations are free. If you're interested in supporting the sustainability of our project and community efforts to create more translations, please consider making a small monetary donation. Every dollar makes a difference! Learn more about how your donation will be used on our Support Page.

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We really loved reading Young, Proud and Sungjee because it tells the story of Asian kids who look like us who are bravely standing up against racism and bullying during the pandemic.  More than that, they are educating other kids about how they can courageously stand up too. 

Alexandra Yao, 8

Justin Yao, 6

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